"A Bridge Too Far" Let's Play: Dark Deity XXI (Hero Mode)

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Pre-Battle Story I: 0:17
Bonds: 4:54
Pre-Battle Story II: 10:21
Battle Prep: 12:57
Battle: 19:34
Post-Battle Story: 1:36:37

Ah, bridges. Some people burn them, but no one can deny they’re of great strategic importance…at least before airplanes…or pegasi knights? Whatever, we have our marching orders…to an all-you-can-sl4y exp buffet! This map is great for training up your B team…even though you can place Sophia on the other side of the bridge that the mission text stats. Ah, who cares about that? Let’s grind up some goons and play Dark Deity!

Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1374840/Dark_Deity/#:~:text=Save%2020%25%20on%20Dark%20Deity%20on%20Steam&text=Command%20legendary%20heroes%20to%20reshape,their%20way%20to%20become%20legends.

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