An E3 Surprise Hit | Let's Play Dark Deity | Titanium Trials

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Dark Deity is here, and I never expected such a quick turnaround! From my first exposure to it at E3 to a sudden surprise release the very next day, my interest was IMMEDIATELY piqued.

Dark Deity is an indie turn based strategy RPG that takes clear inspiration from Fire Emblem, but can it stand on its own merits? I feel like it just might. Join me, and see if this one has what it needs to stand alongside the big boys.

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End screen, profile picture and channel banner by StockpileLena on twitter, check her out!


4 thoughts on “An E3 Surprise Hit | Let's Play Dark Deity | Titanium Trials”

  1. You should talk to the devs, see if you can do the opening narration for the game. Your deep voice nailed it!

    At first I didn't like the "officer's academy" (games and anime do high school settings enough, thank you) but the story seems to have ditched that right away.

    Characater art and sprites are nice, and the animations in battle are good. The crits could use more impact, maybe more screen shake, and the environments are… extremely basic. Not to harp too hard on it but they look like an amatuer RPG Maker game.


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