"Are we the bad guys?" Let's Play: Dark Deity V (Hero Mode)

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Bonds: 3:59
Battle: 16:06

I must’ve leveled up my Speed stat, because I’ve put out 3 videos today! What a delightfully productive day!

There comes a point in every Fire Emblem-esq game where you sense of morality is questioned: is the war we’re fighting just? Are we the bad guys? I guess it doesn’t matter because they’re all gold and exp anyway. K111 ’em all, let the gods sort ’em out! So, let’s play Dark Deity!

Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1374840/Dark_Deity/#:~:text=Save%2020%25%20on%20Dark%20Deity%20on%20Steam&text=Command%20legendary%20heroes%20to%20reshape,their%20way%20to%20become%20legends.

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