Caius Changes Sides | Let's Play Dark Deity #8

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The only SRPG character that takes a stance against war crimes joins the team.

In a desperate attempt to bolster his recruit ranks, King Varic of the Kingdom of Delia expedites the graduation of all students at the Brookstead Military Academy, severing a pact that has stood for a thousand years. With the course of their future undemocratically derailed, these four “graduates” of the Brookstead Academy set out to leave their mark on this world. This is their story.

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3 thoughts on “Caius Changes Sides | Let's Play Dark Deity #8”

  1. Glad I found your series! Youtuibe is making it hard enough. I have to manually search for you then go into your profile for each video since it isn't showing in recommended videos (Here I figured the next video in a series would be highly recommended, carzy thought). Anyhow, great series so far! Love it.

  2. Might be a little late to say, but the reason Cia isn’t doing well in the crit departement may be because you promoted her as a thief, and not for example a duelist, which is built around crits.


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