Clerics vs. Zombies | Let's Play Dark Deity #10

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The temple pool must be cleaned.

In a desperate attempt to bolster his recruit ranks, King Varic of the Kingdom of Delia expedites the graduation of all students at the Brookstead Military Academy, severing a pact that has stood for a thousand years. With the course of their future undemocratically derailed, these four “graduates” of the Brookstead Academy set out to leave their mark on this world. This is their story.

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4 thoughts on “Clerics vs. Zombies | Let's Play Dark Deity #10”

  1. I've found that weapon type is the most important thing to pay attention to with units. For example, lances are AMAZING on the finesse (Crit) side. Lightning magic is just trash (Focus is decent though) and needs units with incredible speed and dex to make it work. Axes are just heavy as hell and have rather terrible matchups across the board. Crushing weapons have a great balanced option, etc.

    I made my Elias into a Gale (Spear user) and used his innate crit to compliment the crit spear and found he does well, but my Bianca is trash as a result of making her a Surge (Lightening). I thought the slow classes would be terrible, but my best units were Defenders and Reviries (And horse Irving because that class is busted). Move speed and attack speed seem to matter less than Dexterity and Attack (STR/MAG).

    As a FE vet, I'm sure you are falling into all the same pitfalls I did with this game. Enemies are freaking dodgy! I struggle so much with hitting because I assumed this would just be FE7 where the only stats that matter are speed and movement as the weapons have might and accuracy to carry. It feels more like FE6 where everything misses all the damn time.

    Also, I feel like Adepts are a bit shit until you get the Eternal Aspects that let you dump either str or mag to enhance other stats. They tend to struggle with hit rates in my experience as well, at least until you get things to buff accuracy. It feels like they were balanced around late game and not around mid/early because they kinda suck without the aspects.


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