Dark Deity: Class Overview Part 5 – Rogue

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Normally in the genre Rogue would fill the roll in the party of generally a thief. They’re for stealing items from enemies that can’t be dropped. They’re for opening doors and looting chests. But, those mechanics have been improved to allow any unit to operate doors or chests, and enemies will always drop their inventory on death. So, what roll does the Rogue fill, if those aren’t a necessity?

Well, they can fit a few rolls, and it entirety depends on what you want from them, and what your party composition needs. If you’re in the need for another tank, Rogues can make some of the best in the game. Combine their natural evasion through any promotion tree, with artifacts that improve your chance to dodge (like the strengths adds to dodge chance artifact) and you will have a Dodge-Tank. With these sort of builds, often you can funnels waves of enemies at your dodge tank, with their chance to hit you reduced to 1%.

If that’s not something that you need, but you still want to use some rogue characters, fear not, because they can also fill some other gaps in your team too. You can specc them heavily into crit chance and crit damage, and have yourself a Rogue nuker. Or, follow the mobility path and whittle down enemies for your allies, or even use that mobility to make your Rogue a disarm-bot. Disarm is an extremely useful utility, and having it on a high mobility characters is a huge plus. Take Thief early for the +2 disarm range, then Slayer late for the 8 movement, and you’ve got yourself a pro disarm-bot.

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4 thoughts on “Dark Deity: Class Overview Part 5 – Rogue”

  1. Idk why but I'm not currently planning to use Cia on my A-Team late game. It's mainly because there's a lot of units i wanna use in the game and only 14 slots on most maps, but also because so many people use Cia and I wanna see what I can do with the other rogue characters. The ones I'm planning to use for this first campaign are Brooke (probably Stalker -> Assassin) and Corvan (probably thief -> gladiator). Ik these are weird class combos for these units but I think it'd be interesting to really play around with the customizable classes in this game, since pretty much anything can do decently well.
    I'd love a reply and potentially some advice on how/whether I can get these builds to work at all. I have a lot of other weird and kinda random characters/builds in mind as well, such as Irving going Barbarian -> Sentinel (I thought this could work since there's some utility in the barbarian and I can use aspects to help the defense), and Rose going Strider -> Green knight (I was planning on getting the speed in and then being able to destroy enemies from range using powerful weapons and relentless)


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