Dark Deity doesn't understand what made Fire Emblem good (Review)

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It’s GBA Fire Emblem designed by people who don’t understand GBA Fire Emblem. Also, please note that I don’t mean this as an attack against the developers; I sincerely hope they improve for their next effort, and don’t mean to demean them as people. For the sake of an honest review though… I have to say that I can’t recommend this game.

Dark Deity is a playable game, but there are much better indie SRPGs to check out.

Songs used:
“Wonderful Pirates” from Fire Emblem 9: Path of Radiance
“Treasured Memories” from Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones
“Beyond the Blue Sky” from Children of Mana
“Land of Dragons” from Fire Emblem 6: The Binding Blade
“Rise Above” from Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones
“Wind Across the Plains” from Fire Emblem 7: The Blazing Blade
“Motavia Town” from Phantasy Star 4
“Seymour’s Ambition” from Final Fantasy 10
“Rise to the Challenge” from Fire Emblem 7: The Blazing Blade
“Hell’s Whisper” from Disgaea
“Reclaim the Capital” from Fire Emblem 6: The Binding Blade
“The Final Holy War” from Fire Emblem 4: Genealogy of the Holy War

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38 thoughts on “Dark Deity doesn't understand what made Fire Emblem good (Review)”

  1. " they liked fire emblem but did not know why it was good."

    this is my main issue with alot of indie games that try to emulate older games. it's clear they have no idea why those games worked in the first place.

    it also isnt helping like as you said all srpgs are trying to be fire emblem. and all jrpg are trying to be like earthbound.

    this then causes an oversaturation of mediocre rpgs and burns me out.

  2. I sorta understand why you don't have FE on the channel, I mean everything you can say about the games was probably already been said more than a couple of times. And in contrast Warsong/Langrisser or some other lesser known titles that you reviewed don't have enough videos on them. Heck If you didn't reviewed and made a guide for Banner of the Maid I would have never even knew that such an awesome game existed. And don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind your opinion on different FE titles, it's just that I really like you content because there wasn't just another one FE review/essay when I started to watch your channel but a plethora of other srpg-s that I never even heard about before.

  3. Not sure how much of it is Irving being the best unit or if it's just the game system allowing you to make anybody broken, and you just happened to pick Irving. Doesn't make much of a difference to the overall experience though.

  4. That's a big shame…

    Side note, possibly to cleanse your palette of fire emblem inspired strategy games, ever played chroma squad? It is on sale on steam rn (like all good games during a summer sale) and honestly, is pretty unique for a strategy game in terms of setting.

  5. You say it's similar to GBA FE, but looking at the gameplay, it looks like the design is more similar to Awakening and 3 Houses. More of an RPG than a strategy game.

  6. I think the devs were like: "Remember those things you hate about FE? Well, 'fixed' them!" And that became (probably) their main focus.
    Then in doing so, they opened up the game to a whole new set of problems like the ones stated in this video.

  7. One has to wonder why not release the game as Early Access?
    Had that been the case complains and backlash for a lack of polish would just have been "we want to improve the game for the final release" instead of "is this what you call a complete product? look at all the bugs"

  8. This game is Fire Emblem for narcissists. The devs don't give a shit about tactics or decision-making, they care about controlling units that are way stronger than the enemy. They took the T out of TRPG and reduced it to brazen ego-stroking.

  9. The thing is that many FE fans saw the project first when the YouTuber Lucky Crit made a video about it. That is where the original association came from at least from my pov. Lucky Crit advertised it as a project by a fan who wanted to have more games like FE. So he made his own. But in the end it looks like he thought more like a casual player than a Developer. This really isn't meant in a bad way. But FE is more than just put unit 1 to tile 2 and watch them route enemies. But if there really is a unit that's Seth and Haar combined… Phew.

    I feel that there were high ambitions and stuff. They also announced all characters and classes and stuff one by one every week a little bit. Which is cool and all. But in the end Dark Deity is their first game and that shows.

    Btw: The animations and all we're made by many talented animators from FEU, the largest site for FE Hacks (mostly GBA). Which explains why they look so good. However I think they don't work too well with the map graphics. But that's my personal preference.

    Instead of an irrelevant stat penality I would've decreased all growth rates by 5% when a unit dies. This wouldn't be too bad at first but still a motivation to not do whatever you want with 0 consequences. Because at some point your units literally can't grow anymore. I know that many (new) people prefer to play casual mode because it's less pressure but… If you design a game around Permadeath nothing stops you from adding a casual mode for those people. It doesn't work the other way around. But what I wanna say is that, FE is not the most difficult game and Permadeath gives a reason tobyour descisions which is why imo it's sad that the original series and a fanproject like this seems to doesn't want to give it a spin anymore… Because consequences aren't fun. (Although Valentia still works better than Three Houses due to the limited revival Springs and Fates is also perfectly playable with Permadeath, you can even buy and imprison replacement units for later.)

    I haven't played Dark Deity yet and the surprise reveal kinda felt like an arlert in my head. And since the release I've been watching content about the game and reviews. Many similiar to yours here. And in the end I decided that for now I'll not gonna buy it. But instead I'll finally try out Banner of the maid which is waiting for me since a few months qwq (That is… after I finished more of my backlog… Sigh.)

    Also if you want to play a new spin on GBA Fire Emblem I really recommend you to take a look at Vision Quest from Pandan. It's a Sacred Stones Romhack which is (almost) perfectly designed around Permadeath and uses all the elements from GBA FE in a very creative but good way. It also is a lot harder than FE7/8, pretty long and features support conversations on top of pretty good gameplay. It is a bit too strict at some parts for me and the story may be dry for the most Part… But it is definitely a game every fan of GBA FE should play at least once.

  10. i do admit game feel small….no side quest/new game + / so on….

    no much freedom to explore locale…. just push you from one battle to next with flavor story text in between battles…..

  11. Been doing a let’s play of Dark Deity and so much of what of you said helped put into words all the things I find annoying about the game.

    Also, epic collection. Those Tellius games bag you 1k+ if you wanted lmao

  12. I still enjoyed the game. It depends on your expectations really. I really like the eternal aspects that lets you make fun character builds, and I enjoy making OP characters, and this game lets you do that.

  13. 2:42 You're at Chapter 4 and you have THAT many characters already? Yikes. It was one thing in Three Houses for them to throw 9 characters at you immediately. You had an entire monastery and plenty of opportunities to chat with your students before even beginning the game really.

    But you can't do that in a traditional Fire Emblem style game, especially not a GBA Fire Emblem style game. It was bad enough in Genealogy of the Holy War where they throw like 7 characters at you in the first Chapter that you just kinda end up not caring about half the units on your team. Who the hell is Arden? Oh that dude who stays at LVL 1 all game cuz there's like one map where the enemy ever remotely threatens your home base. Midayle? Lex? Who are these people other than the cursory info you're given for selecting their portraits in game?

    So they definitely were a little too inspired by Fire Emblem. Including a shitty, badly narrated story lol.

    11:44 Irving is basically Crimson Flower Edelgard then? A character for whom "Sit back and watch me kill everything" is a perfectly valid strategy. Just without all the hoops, low availability, and moral greyness to jump through.

  14. I’d just like to add that at least two prominent FE GBA animators (basically meaning they make a lotta anims primarily for ROM hacks of GBA FE), Obsidian Daddy and Feier, did work on a lot of the animations for this game. I don’t remember the specific ones they worked on, but I just know it was a lot… So your comment on the animations looking a lot like GBA FE is more accurate than you thought lol

  15. Ok, well some things to note.
    Irving isn’t actually that good. The game doesn’t encourage you to just use him.
    I stopped using Irving and so I didn’t have to fight the boss.
    Your review is extremely uncharitable I think. You seem to be under the impression because you engaged in the game the way you did that is how it’s is posed to be.
    Also every fire emblem game can be beaten with one person.
    you then talk about how simple everything is but then say you refused to learn about of them stuff.
    I mean I get this was your experience.
    You then tlak about your buying tons of stat boosters that’s a problem with fire emblem.
    It’s their first game.
    Kind of terrible review.
    Whatever tho it’s your opinion.

  16. This review is everything. The character designs and art are amazing. A lot of people I know worked on the battle animations and sprites so I am really glad they got something to use their talents on for money. Though the core gameplay of DD sucks. There are many maps like you said that is just grab your best unit (or some nosferatsu tanks) and rush the objective with no care in the world. While I have been trying to use everyone, it is so much easier just to send your best unit to the front and end turn. If you look at Excelblem, he beat the entire game in 2 hours with practically only Lincoln.

  17. 4:30 The original Langrisser games ALL had permadeath, at least the first version of it. All Langrisser games on Sega Saturn had permadeath, even the "Dramatic Edition" Langrisser 1&2… up to Langrisser 5 End of Legend. Just my 2cent


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