Dark Deity Epic moments 01 – Finger

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Gareth and John play through the early part of this awesome Fire Emblem-style game!

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2 thoughts on “Dark Deity Epic moments 01 – Finger”

  1. I love the editing!!!! I guess this is the shortest gameplay videos I've seen on this channel, keeping the lego portraits aside. I loved the oddly specific damage that Cia got, losing a finger. Does that mean that enough damage could actually kill the player, no revival possible? I can surely tell that you took your sweet time editing this piece of gold, I absolutely love and appreciate it!!

  2. It was cool seeing more of this game from you guys, I’m on chapter 13 of it now. I’m curious on what choices you make when promotions come around. Cia is halfway decent, I still have her going in the party. Keep up the great work!


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