Dark Deity | First Impressions

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I was provided a copy of Dark Deity to try out, and here’s my early impressions.

1. Fun game, neat take on Fire Emblem
2. Gorgeous sprite work
3. A few artistic elements will work better with different people, but they’re all well done in general.
4. If you’re looking for a darker, or more “social history” kind of war story, this probably isn’t it.

5. Competent, fairly low price, appealing assets, but not necessarily breaking new ground.


38 thoughts on “Dark Deity | First Impressions”

  1. Only a few chapters in but it seems solid for the price and dev size. Only thing I don’t like is there’s no world map for doing side stuff. Being railroaded into a linear story just kinda makes me feel claustrophobic in terms of adventuring lol

  2. I love Fire Emblem so decided to pick Dark Deity up. One of the things that I think Dark Deity did well that I hope other games steal is how they handle death. It was mentioned that there wasn't permadeath as in most FE games but it isn't quite like casual mode either. Instead when a unit falls you lose them for the map & they lose some stats. It's nothing super punishing but it makes me feel like choices matter without ever making me frustrated when I lose a unit to a low percent crit or something. I think if new FE games had a difficulty option where death worked like in Dark Deity it would be my go-to mode, at least for a first playthrough.

  3. Hey KBash, great review as always. Really appreciate your intro about being transparent. You are probably the very last person I'd ever suspect of being biased/bought out.

    Anyway, I'm a sucker for the GBA Fire Emblem games, but like you said, I don't think there's enough in Dark Deity for me to buy. At least, not with so many other games I want to play. If anyone else is into the hardcore Fire Emblem games (going back to NES and SNES), I will also plug here that the original creator made a new Fire-Emblem-style game on Steam called Vestaria Saga. I think the appeal of those games is the punishing gameplay and total emphasis on strategy.

  4. This game does seem interesting. I knew this game was going for the fire emblem gba era but I did hope that it would stray away from being a complete fire emblem game or atleast make it more their own game. I do think the class system is interesting but I hoped it would be something more or atleast add more things that would make the game more original. It is interesting and I will check it out. Quick question. Have you played three houses yet? And if so what do you think of the story? I think the story of three houses really sets itself apart from the other fire emblem games and is more nuanced. Most of the characters can be morally grey at times, and seeing the motivations for why each of the characters acted in certain ways was great. Again I'd really love to hear your thoughts if you have played it!

  5. You should really check 3 Houses man, is not bad, I know it seems like a waifu game, but it really is a return to form for Fire Emblem, yes waifus are still there, but the writing is back too.

  6. You had me not even at the middle of the video I came into fire emblem style games during the "casualzation" with awakening and fates I've loved the games and gone back and played through several of the old ones when I get paid ill definitely be grabbing this


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