Dark Deity – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Get Dark Deity on Steam ➜ https://store.steampowered.com/app/1374840/Dark_Deity/

Dark Deity is available now on Nintendo Switch: https://www.nintendo.com/store/products/dark-deity-switch/

Step into the world of Terrazael and lead soon-to-be legendary heroes in a quest to restore a land fractured by broken oaths and untamed magic. Fight in turn-based battles, manage character relationships, and collect dangerous artifacts.

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43 thoughts on “Dark Deity – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch”

  1. is there a genre for these type of games ? i want to play GBA style games like classic fire emblem and this is exactly what i've been looking for. any more of these ?

  2. Don't buy this game right now. It's unfinished, missing several cutscenes and story sequences. The game isn't balanced in the slightest, and it's map design is pretty much padded out bloat. It has yet to get CRUCIAL patches that were announced on its PC release day over half a year ago

  3. I don't like the power creep in this game
    It has all the same problems as Awakening where every enemy is just a stat blob on an open map where you just end up having one broken unit solo the game.
    I still hope you have fun with the game tho


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