Dark Deity Let's Play Chapter 3

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This is my first time streaming video game content, and what better way to do that than by streaming a playthrough of the brand new indie SRPG Dark Deity? I get to promote a great title that Fire Emblem fans ought to love, and I get to make some amateur forays into actual video content while I’m at it.

Chapter 3 is a fairly standard earlygame bandit rout map, but before that it’s time for bonds which are the main reason this video is so much longer than the first two. In the absence of a bond library (unless it opens up after clearing the game?), this will have to do for keeping a record of them.

Also, let me know if there are any units you guys would prefer that I focus on. My experiences in my first file have taught me that, much like Fire Emblem, it is better to favor a certain number of units than try to train everyone equally. That also goes for weapon upgrades, although figuring out the optimal picks for those will require a fair amount of number-crunching I imagine.

Dark Deity is now available for download on Steam and is 20% off from now until 22 June as part of its launch sale. Please support Sword and Axe LLC by purchasing the game if you’re interested.

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