Dark Deity LTC (Hero Difficulty) – Chapter 13

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Completed in 7 turns.

I absolutely hated this map at first, but after getting the 7 turn, it was pretty damn satisfying actually. Benji + Linhera’s Whisper to prevent him from getting doubled is clutch, and his push+1 definitely put in the work, along with Sara’s phase+1 and the haste ladies.

In the base prep, I fed Monroe three Spd boosters and upgraded his balance weapon, so that he could stand to 1 round the early enemies without any procs, and possibly kill some of the peskier enemies near the end with some procs. He doesn’t have quite as much magic as Alden, but at the moment his speed is high enough such that he will be able to farm exp independently on a slower map.

Maeve classed into Strider because every other class’s bases SUCKED. Like really bad. Strider is also the best combat class in there imo so I wasn’t miffed. Thae’lanel is a Gale not for any particular reason, but I figure if I manage to get him promoted, he the Gale skills are much better for late game. That being said, if I don’t end up with him promoted, then I’d probably prefer Surge in the short run like all of my other adepts. Wren Duelist for similar reason, if he can promote then Duelist Trickster is by and far the best thing you can do in the Rogue class. Though I think Duelist is still good regardless I think.


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