Dark Deity LTC (Hero Difficulty) – Chapter 17

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Completed in 6 turns.

Took a bit of a break, but back at it. This map is a little annoying because of the amount of enemies just blocking your way. I use Fenton to lead the charge for the prisoners in the back for a couple of reasons. One is base 7 movement, which allows for a clean 6 turn with 2 hastes on turn 1, and 1 haste on turns 2 and 3. This is even if I had not promoted midway, which I honestly did not want, but I got him a little too much exp in the previous map sadly by giving him the boss kill. Just something to keep note of for the next time. The other reason is because most of the enemies in the way are physical melee units, so Darmena’s Kiss Dragoon shenanigans cleanly and reliably sweeps the enemies in the way, little RNG required. I did feed Fenton a +2 Spd booster though because there was one enemy that he lacked 1 Spd to double.

Rose goes into Witch Hunter because I don’t plan on using her for combat, she’s just going to be a better Sophia at this point, especially with her passive Shade.

Similarly, Alexa goes into Barbarian to basically be a better Benji. For some reason, she joins a chapter later than Fenton (and at the end of the map too, basically) yet is two levels lower? So that kills any incentive of her being my Darmena’s Kiss carrier, not to mention I like Fenton’s bases better.

5 turn clear could be possible if you can promote Fenton during player phase, but it would also require having a Witch Hunter able to keep up to give haste, which seems very logistically challenging. So I’d rather not rack my brain trying to figure out the way to go about it when I could just settle for a decent 6 turn lol.


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