Dark Deity LTC (Hero Difficulty) – Chapter 22

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Completed in 5 turns.

There’s some weaving and winding, as well as lots of enemy blockage in the left portion where I have to reach the objective. Thankfully triple Illusionists makes short work of many of these obstacles, and 5 turns is pretty blazing fast in my eyes. On the right side, I just use it as an exp farm for the last few units that I think are close to lv30.

Liberty did not need to die at the end there, but I also did not feel compelled to reset for -7 HP, so we’ll see how much I regret it later.

Wren goes into Trickster for 1-2 range. Trickster is the only class that has 1-2 range while dealing physical damage for both ranges, which is a nice niche.

Thae Lanel goes into Firelord not for any particular good reason, I thought it was a toss-up between it and Storm Spirit. But I figure just having 1-2 range with extraordinary power from the passive that converts 25% Str to Mag, will be more useful to me for the bosses in the future than 8 movement, since it already lags behind my Illusionists and Dragon Knight.


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