Dark Deity LTC (Hero Difficulty) – Chapter 5

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Completed in 2 turns.

Sara is promoted to Magician for Phase +1 range, which allows me to beam Alden directly onto the warp that leads to the boss. I haven’t fully planned out my run or anything so Brooke and Samara’s promotions are less thought out. I went with Duelist Brooke thinking I might use her as a dodge tank, but I’m guessing I will probably regret it and would rather have her in Marauder. For Samara I’m more confident that Guardian is the most useful one, though Priest may have its use too. But having a base 8 move char this early (when I get her back, anyway) I think is too good to pass up.

For the boss, I either need a crit with the finesse tome, or a Sorcerer’s Sting proc with the balance tome. If I had 1 more point of speed, I could double with the power tome for a clean 1 round, but that’s not an option here. I think balance tome with Sorcerer’s Sting is the most reliable strat, but I was still messing around with finesse in this instance and it ended up working out.


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