Dark Deity OST: Astral Plane – Andy Han

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I hope you enjoy Dark Deity’s “Astral Plane”!
– Andy Han (Soaring Soundworks)

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4 thoughts on “Dark Deity OST: Astral Plane – Andy Han”

  1. Andy, your music is honestly the only thing that keeps me willing to stick with the game even after its rushed release (let's be real). This track when I first heard it I. The chapter after the prison break is what hooked me. I don't know what Mangs is smoking but I'd have to disagree with him on the music aspect. Sometimes, good musicians can be overlooked simply because the game developers themselves are getting flak for whatever the internet decides to dogpile on.

  2. This is, by far, my favorite piece. It's mystical, unnerving, yet it gives you a sense of purpose and urgency when in the astral plane. I found it to be the most immersive piece when playing the game and I love it! Wonderful work and creativity!


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