Dark Deity – P2 The Trials of the Eternals (Pc)

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Just a comfy playthrough of the game doing all the stage/chapters of it. With timestamps to find any stage super fast, and a proper strategy to clean them without much problems (not perfect cause its blind playthrough), hope you like it.

0:00 Chapter 9 Lord of the Wastes
42:40 Chapter 10 Enter the Eternals
1:32:35 Chapter 11 Death its Lighter Than a Feather
2:23:40 Chapter 12 Eye of the Storm
3:14:40 Chapter 13 Resurgence of Purpose
4:11:40 Chapter 14 Anchored Soul


1 thought on “Dark Deity – P2 The Trials of the Eternals (Pc)”

  1. The stages are loooong xD And sometimes can be hard as hell with some groups of enemys or just a bad critic. But still we advance little by little. Benji its a beast, A BEAST xD that % of critics its just absurd, best character xD Im trying to play more, but this last days im just a bit sick, have a nice day o7


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