Dark Deity Review – What's It Worth?

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Today we’re doing our Dark Deity review! This turn-based tactical RPG will feel familiar to fans of Fire Emblem, while still having just enough fresh ideas to make it worth the price.
*Thank you Freedom Games for getting me a copy for this review!*
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5 thoughts on “Dark Deity Review – What's It Worth?”

  1. I think you have touched upom some good points but i have to say that you should definitely have included the state in which the game was released in and the state in which it currently is. I really want the game to be successfull but objectively speaking the game is more in an Early Access state because of almost nonexistent polish, quality of life features, non functioning gamepad controls and bad endgame map design. The game dev is currently working fast on patching the game to a state in which the game should have been released in and i really hope the game will benefit from the feedback and criticism it received. All in all i must say that you touched upon some good aspects (haha good joke at the end) but you were really biased or maybe have excluded some fair criticism that should have been mentioned for a good review.

  2. Tbh, this game is so good. I liked it a lot, but for the price of 20$, it is not really worth. This game needs more fixes and stuff, and it feels….. unfinished. I would not recommend buying it not JUST YET. I would wait till it got a lot of patches to where the price of 20$ is worth,. This is imo.


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