Dark Deity – Walkthrough – Chapter 21: The Advance Begins

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Dark Deity No Deaths Walkthrough English for the Steam. All missions in Deity Mode.

Welcome to the classic Fire Emblem-inspired indie game known as Dark Deity! I must say, studio really did a great job with this because I get the same feeling playing FE classic! I will try to do no deaths even though the game has no permadeath feature just to challenge myself. I am not sure if it will be doable considering the unforgiving crit modifiers in the design but I’ll see how far I can take it.

Dyolfen retreats from the base along with soldiers who are against Varic’s ideals. Soon after, Irving’s party proceeds to conquer the fortress.

Chapter 21: The Advance Begins (1/1)
00:00 – Intro
00:19 – Stage Prologue
04:37 – Stage Mission
01:25:51 – Stage Epilogue

Character Recruits: –
Deity Walkthrough:
– Deity Mode
– All stages no deaths
– Varied unit deployment per stage
– All story cutscenes
– Custom loading screens

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydf5ykGCg-U&list=PLuWHr3qdYIyIg6q4y_7jpHs04UalarwyD

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