Graduation to Deployment – Dark Deity [1]

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Hi Everyone!

Finally got to upgrade my laptop. Though only just a baby step, It’s still a step taken. Now, let me introduce you to this wonderful game, Dark Deity.

Command legendary heroes to reshape a land fractured by broken oaths, reckless wars, and secret arcane powers. Claim ancient artifacts and powerful weapons to empower your cast of 30 voiced, playable characters as they form bonds and battle their way to become legends.

In a desperate attempt to bolster his recruit ranks, King Varic of the Kingdom of Delia expedites the graduation of all students at the Brookstead Military Academy, severing a pact that has stood for a thousand years. With the course of their future undemocratically derailed, these four “graduates” of the Brookstead Academy set out to leave their mark on this world.

This is their story.

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