I FINISHED Dark Deity, Let's Talk – An Honest Review (Spoiler Free!)

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So we’ve all been waiting for Dark Deity, and I’ve seen a lot of initial reviews and responses to it that I both agree and disagree with and I figured I’d give a more complete take on the game now that I’ve finished it completely.

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0:00 Introduction/Giveaway
2:08 Gameplay
13:19 Art, Voice Acting, Sound Design
18:07 Story and Characters
24:28 Game Development and Fair Criticism
28:21 Game Rating and Final Thoughts

Music Used:
Mega Man Battle Network 5 – Powerful Enemy (Boss Theme Remix): https://youtu.be/4pY3NreAfnc
イースVIII -Lacrimosa of DANA- ~ SUNSHINE COASTLINE -Long ver-: https://youtu.be/s9nJQhINGCI
Ys VIII : Lacrimosa of Dana OST Hope Alive (Extended Ver.): https://youtu.be/o8QfDFLo6sQ
Ys IX: Monstrum Nox OST | Cloaca Maxima [Extended]: https://youtu.be/NYVU1kBoMEk
Ys VIII: A-TO-Z Extended: https://youtu.be/7RfuwKAo92M
Persona 3 Portable OST – Mass Destruction [Extended]: https://youtu.be/CUnHgMEYEVA

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44 thoughts on “I FINISHED Dark Deity, Let's Talk – An Honest Review (Spoiler Free!)”

  1. The thing i really miss in this game is a suspens option, i have q full time joh, a family and i'm renovating a house so i don't always have the time to finish a chapter in one go, so i really wanted the option to save in the middle of a chapter.

  2. I backed this on kickstarter on a lower tier and am still early in the game. As long as you feel like you're being fair, there's really no need to apologize for criticism. I would've gladly paid an extra $5-10, even $15 if it meant a more fleshed out story, more voice acting, etc.. That said, I'm enjoying it so far and will likely give it an overall positive review, especially for the price point.

  3. $20 with inflation that reminds me of a game that was $40 back in 2003…honestly i think its better than the GBA fire emblem and thats what i was looking for…i'm really enjoying it personally.

  4. I'll never downgrade a development team's first game for bugs as the amount of time it would take to discover all of the bugs would take so long for a small team and the fact that they are fixing them as quickly as they can is a good sign. Musical composition and sound effect design sounds like a learning experience issue as I am sure they couldn't hire someone with more experience. Overall, they should all be very proud of this game, especially the marketing as it is really really hard to get people to see your game. Obviously, the more hype a game gets, the more likely it will lead to vocal disappointment. If the game does well, that money will go into fixing this game and to possible future projects having more of what people want.

  5. I do feel it is good to provide feedback as it will help make better games in the future. There is a difference between critical feedback (the music is too repetitive and generic that it takes me out of the world) and just venting frustrations (the music sucks).

  6. Haven't play the game, but for what I have heard in this video and other places, this game is fine for its price. If it was a $ 60-70, it will deserve a harsher treatment.

  7. Later maps had a bunch of gimmicks, some of which were pretty cool and others of which were duds, while the earlier maps were just solid but not all that interesting. I liked the gimmicks on my first run, but we'll see how replayable they turn out

  8. The first thing that stuck out to me is how the character art is amazing, but the sprite work is a jarring and annoying contrast. In my head it's like half the game is an ugly gba game and the other half is heavily inspired by the FE mobile game. I get it if they were calling back to the GBA games, but I want an HD texture update for the map sprites at some point so the art style is consistent throughout. I'm sure some people will disagree, but this bothers me every time I look at this title. I really hope it can become something amazing after patches to work out the bugs.

  9. I just wish the maps and objectives were more diverse. Like you know that map where you have to rout 30 enemy soldiers to protect the non existent civilians? I was kind of hoping we would be forced to actually protect civilians, thus forcing me out of my turtle strategy which had served me so well. Alas no luck.

    Cia is pretty cool tho.

  10. I only saw a little bit of dark deity playthrough and my impression for the battlefield music is not great. It is catchy but it feels off at the same time, I don't know why. But the game looks fun though. Hopefully they can improve this game. One day when I pick up this game I will try to treat this game not as FE-like game but a srpg game, so my experience and opinion will be more fair.

  11. The female sprites look too similar to the males sprites so much so they don’t look like the character art. I don’t know how exactly how to put it but lack of a better term I’m gonna have to say “bizarre”. But the art overall is beautiful, the gameplay is good but the game entirely is “not complete” yet. I’m looking forward for the devs to patch some things up and some quality of life changes. I wanna play the game in its most complete form so I get the best experience I can get without tarnishing a games rep to people who like games like Fire Emblem. I understand it’s a Indie Game so I’m not gonna bash them too hard on their first game. I especially won’t compare a indie game to a triple A game that would be an unreasonable comparison. Looking forward to this game to look and play better.I want to feel how much effort they put in it. It has so much potential can’t wait.

  12. Probably the fairest review of the game I've seen out there. I think you were a little generous on some of the lack of polish in the game. E.g. the inability to see base states on promotion or save battle prep, both of which were patched in late. But then, you also gave the good points their fair due which I haven't seen others who bash the game do.

  13. Excellent review, the game looks like a lot of fun, and the systems you mentioned really peaked my interest. They may have some kinks to work out, but it all looks very promising. I don't actually have the time to get into the game for a while now, I have a little FE-related project I need to FINALLY get around to finishing first… but on the positive side, I know that most of the issues will probably have been hammered out by the time I get to it. Just buying it now to support the development, this is the kind of content I want to see, we need more indie SRPGs

  14. As long as they support it, I think the $20 i spent was well worth it. There is fun to be had, and you can definitely see the passion the developers put in. I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do.

  15. Now see I picked up the game purely because some youtube ads showed off the animations and I was like WOW its like GBA fire emblem, I love it, and I do like the game…but there's one issue with the spriting thats absolutely ruining it for me, and that's how they literally just paste the female characters heads on male sprites and add a censor shirt, it just looks…soooo frickin' bad…I made Cia a stalker and looking at her, tiny, feminine head, on this massive man body…it just hurts my aesthetic senses greatly. It doesn't help also that the game tosses…a LOT of women at you from the get-go, like, most your army in the first half are women. so it's impossible not to notice it unless you only play specific classes like duelist and strider that are thin men.

  16. I refunded this after 110 minutes playtime on steam, been playing FE games since the GBA games. Everything in this game feels disjointed / mismatched graphically, the sound design is absolutely terrible (no UI sounds when moving cursors / units moving), the music is bland and often misplaced in scenes…

  17. I'm really glad you clarified just how different the teams are between this game and standard AAA titles. Comparing a $20 indie game with a smaller team mostly relying on kickstarter funds (which I'm assuming is what partially went to the VAs), while deserving of honest criticism, deserves a ton more leeway in regards to the game's quality v its pricing. I think the level of quality of this game says a lot about the work the dev team put behind it despite their inexperience. Idk much about the team, but I'm hoping they get a few more members for efficiency. Thank you for releasing this video since a lot of this needed to be said, especially how fun the game is to play. I'm excited to see how they'll improve if they choose to make more games like this.

    Edit: Good choice in background music btw, loved Ys VIII a ton and Falcom always delivers some of the best OSTs I've heard.

  18. Hearing the bad map rap in this video brought me back to how the "peak Kaga" meme scared folks off from Vestaria saga, myself included for a while. Every game has it's infamous maps and you tend to rob yourself of a overall positive experience when you hyperfocus on stuff like that.

  19. For me once the bugs are patched I actually think this is my favorite S/T RPG. I absolutely love the character customization and how they handled the weapons and stat boosters. It’s a 9/10 for me once the bugs are fixed. I agree with you that the story wasn’t the greatest but it wasn’t completely awful either

  20. Yo that relationship with the devs really has you looking at this game with omega bias. The gameplay was boring, the map design was God awful in the 2nd half (see chapter 19), combat balance was non-existent. It felt rushed out for E3 through the whole game.

  21. Great video and review. I'm only at chapter 8, but can already tell the supports/story is going to be a miss for me. I wish there was a fire emblem type game that didn't include young kids/cutesy girls. Looking at you, Alden and Cia, among others.

    Anyways, i agree the gameplay/class system are great, so I'm still having fun there. Who were the two characters you mentioned were "cracked" for you and couldnt be killed?

  22. i realise when i saw this video , and after playing this game for more than 30 hours than fire emblem is not only mainly core to the gameplay but also relies on their characters and story a lot (at least a lot more for my taste than i expected ).

    i hope the team will learn from these mistake , that their next game will be better and also that people will think about what they are buying instead of going on and complain .
    i don't want to excuse them for some thing i don't like , some are mistake , some are choice , but the game is what it is . It's not fair to blame the dev because you just buy the game and it's not like you wanted , because this sort of information is easy to find .

    Thanks for your opinion in this video about this game , it was pleasant .

  23. Yes a lot of things could use work, yes it's an indie game. Excusing it for releasing like this because of those reasons is just being blind. Games don't need to be perfect to be good, but when there are glaring and literal cut corners as early as the first map, I can't help but be turned off. I got through 6 chapters and while I enjoy the technical aspect of how characters work and the gameplay itself, there's too many other little things that made me feel like I'm not playing a finished game.

    It looks nice, I want it to succeed. However, it's not done and it needs more time in the oven. That's a fact.

  24. The pixel art is awful. I've seen low budget 2000's mobile games that look better.
    Just look at the 17:21 map with all those eye sore inducing blocky opaque portals.
    The animations are just as disappointing. I'll be the one to comment on the fact that the female sprites have the same (literally) stocky build as the males.
    Drawn artwork is fine though.

  25. I'm about half way through, going in I thought the gameplay would be lackluster and the story would be great and it's been the opposite, love the gameplay, story just needed more world building and character interaction to invest me. Looking forward to finishing this game and I'll be backing any future project this team works on, they did good work here and I'm sure their next project will build on everything they learned making this.

  26. I was thinking of refunding the game since it seems rather boring, but I'm not going to since I want the devs to continue to refine their craft. If I had to describe the strength to this game in one word, it's potential.
    -The mechanics interesting and I like them conceptually, but the execution is where it falls short. An example would be the grave wound mechanic, I get that they didn't want it to be too punishing especially when crits are a constant factor that cannot be mitigated, but I would rather have a harsher punishment to grave wound that result in my own mistake and not randomness from things like uncontrollable crits. So give players the tools to null enemy crit rates and make the grave wound more punishing.
    -I like the general visuals, but it seems pretty clear that corners were cut due to time/budget restraints when several female characters have generic looking male battle sprites. I'd have rather they allocated the resources expended on the voice acting to instead perfecting the visuals or heck getting a more skilled composer for the music.

  27. I think grave wounds is a good system but sounds a little weak currently. I’d at least have various options including full on permadeath. I’d personally do stuff like -1 to every stat or unable to be deployed for 3 chapters etc

  28. I think they jumped way ahead of schedule when releasing the game at E3. It was definitely a last-minute decision. But this game has potential. But in a post-Cyberpunk/Fallout 76 world, they should've sold this game as Early Access.

  29. I agree that it was a lot of fun to play, especially since we haven't had a FE release since 3H and I was desperate for a new tactical RPG to play. But I will say that more care was needed in the class design. First, there are technical issues with class skills not working, working in weird/disappointing ways, or not factoring into match-up previews during maps. Second, many of the class stat growth mods seem pretty arbitrary and incohesive, not supporting the intended particular role or playstyle. There are exceptions to this, but things like giving the tank class a massive HP penalty are pretty frustrating. Third, some of the classes just seem poorly thought through. E.g. there are only 2 archer archetypes (rangers also have 2 melee archetypes). One of these (Witch Hunter/ Green Knight) is presented as a mage-killer and gets a small bonus vs. mages. But archers actually receive a comparable damage penalty against plate and rune cloak armor….. the only armor that any mage class wears; completely negating their class skills. So actually Witch Hunters are not any good at killing mages and their low offensive stats make them not good at killing anything else either. One of the melee ranger archetypes focuses on bonus damage when doubling… but only has slightly good speed growths so if your character falls even slightly behind (or worse, dies and loses speed) they will stop doubling then fall even further behind never to recover.

  30. I think it's kind of… a bad argument that "Oh you can't judge the game by the worst map it has a whole /25/ maps!!" when the worst map is extremely bad and clearly unfinished and you admit that there's several other bad and unfun maps. If a fifth of the game is bad and unfun, that's a real issue.


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