MK404 Plays Dark Deity PT3 – Irving's Angst Phase[Ch. 10-13]

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Recorded on July 18, 2022
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Besting Dhalsim in combat, we get to vibe with a cleric who’s a fine dame but damn woman please cover your chest. After staring down a giant purple tornado coming from a reject Magic Knight Rayearth character, Irving bids farewell to his brother as he makes a heroic (?) sacrifice to stop the purple from spreading. Irving begins going through a sad phase but in truth it does wonders for his combat so maybe you were better off losing your nee-san, just saying.

But heck with the war effort, we got more Infinity Stones to find! Let’s go overseas and see how well Iris racks up the damage number. (she’s very good at big number)



0:00 – Introduction/Chapter 10
58:16 – Chapter 11
1:57:10 – Chapter 12
2:57:44 – Chapter 13


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  1. i will watch this in full later + comment but accordingly but the first time edgy!irwin appeared i actually thought it was another bug (dark deity on switch is an experience)


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