MUST PLAY! Indie Tactical Game Dark Deity! In Depth Review! Tactical RPG! Dark Deity!

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An overview of a newly released game that I am loving! 😀 Tactical and fire emblem inspired. You can purchase it on steam, and it has both really good challenge/story/gameplay. A few bugs, but the developer is really active right now in addressing and fixing them!

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27 thoughts on “MUST PLAY! Indie Tactical Game Dark Deity! In Depth Review! Tactical RPG! Dark Deity!”

  1. I downloaded it and played the first chapter and it seems super promising. As I get older I am really starting to appreciate lower budget games like this and edge of eternity.people tent to be more creative when they have less money.

  2. My recommendation Stoneshard, I always end up marketing for this game, hope you like it and promote the game too. The devs need money and I want more content.
    It's Tactical Survival, the game can be pretty hard at first or you use pyromancy for easy mode lol

  3. Yo diggs,I hope you feel good and have a nice day,there is some fire emblem vides in this game and it makes me want to play it 😋 I suggest you to test alchemy stars who just came out on iOS/androïd,have a nice day and thank you 😁

  4. Game look really nice but you lost me at no grinding involve. Its ok for a mission to be hard, but I feel like a Dirge of Cerberus vibe (which is not a good sign since the game suck) where your investment carry on to the mission but you cannot fix anything if you did a mistake in pass missions. If you lack EXP or invest in a wrong hero…..hit reset and try again which is really annoying since the game force you to play a way that you maybe don't like. I know its not for me but will suggest it to a friend who like those kind of challenge! Glad you like it though and its nice that you feature small indie game like this.

  5. Future Planned Content: Playable Character Side Stories, Playable Villain Side Stories, Beach Mode
    Bug Fixes: Everynight (with some exceptions) There will be a bug fix patch
    Balance Changes: Potential balance changes coming to Dodge mechanics and some classes.

  6. I've been following this game for a little bit and I'm looking forward to playing it. I spend my entire work day at a computer so it makes playing games on a computer a lot less appealing than it once was so I'll have to pass on it for now. It's supposedly getting a Switch port in the not so distant future so when that happens, I'll be all over it.

    There are a ton of Tactics/Fire Emblem clones out there (most of them garbage) but some of these "mid tier" ones have some great aspects that make them worth playing. Plus supporting the developers means new content and potentially future games with a more polished finish overall so it's a win-win for anyone who plays it and enjoys it. Glad you made this video, very much looking forward to (hopefully) playing it on Switch eventually.


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