MY BOAT'S SINKING!! Dark Deity Let's Play – Part 12

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Four days following the first impressions stream of Dark Deity, and I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and do a let’s play of the game. For those of you who don’t know what Dark Deity is: Dark Deity is an Indie Game developed by Freedom Games, inspired by the ever-popular Fire Emblem series.

Steam Description: Command legendary heroes to reshape a land fractured by broken oaths, reckless wars, and secret arcane powers. Claim ancient artifacts and powerful weapons to empower your cast of 30 voiced, playable characters as they form bonds and battle their way to become legends.

Can’t wait to play this wonderful game, and I hope you guys enjoy the ride just as much as I do.

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6 thoughts on “MY BOAT'S SINKING!! Dark Deity Let's Play – Part 12”

  1. These type of games have track records for if your dad/friend/sibling/ dies, your hair(and only your hair)and/or your signature weapon gets some crit added to it and/or your clothes gets a extra color painted on.


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