Noisy News Week: NISA Increases PC Game Prices but a New Mana Game Is on the Way

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32 thoughts on “Noisy News Week: NISA Increases PC Game Prices but a New Mana Game Is on the Way”

  1. mmh.. kinda sad that Laplacian brings a game to the west which was 18+ but sad "nope not for u western boys" but maybe some fans will do something about it and that they are going all ages is fine in my book i mean even Key does well with AA games even though they startet with eroge games so maybe it will improve their future games.
    As for me i just finished Suzukuri Karin-chan which was a nice tower defense visual novel and did start the beautiful looking Study Steady and damn it just beatiful. I only entererd my first heroine route Nanoka and look forward what the game will give me but alone for the artstyle and emote system its worth.
    Another game i might give a try soon is Blasphemous but only until Ys IX releases on 6th july on steam to finaly play another awesome Falcom game <3

  2. It's 15 NISA titles that are getting increased. Strange that theyre doing it, and strange that they announced it too. My presumption is that they're trying to reach a quota for investors. I don't mind that much because NISA games go on sale all the time anyway.

  3. I love this channel. I don't know how you people do it… huge amount of quality content every single week. And a great taste for japanese games too :3 Hopefully, you gain way more subscribers, you deserve it.

  4. Custom Firmware is the way to go if your psp battery hasnt exploded. Oh Yeah I played SD Gundam G generation on psp that game is great the fan translation came out 2016~

  5. I only play on console but those prices are literally the same as us. They're just revoking your permanent discount privileges 🤪.

    Sorry, it was just a joke 🙏. I don't fully mean that. But seriously, I heard NIS was in some sort of financial trouble recently. It came up in a Disgaea 6 review.
    (Idk how much of it is true tho)

    I figured this would be the perfect time for them to do it. They started off at a discount & now on the summer sale you can get literally everything they've published for less than 2 console games I think. If they are indeed in need of money, it would explain the current switch exclusivity of Disgaea 6
    (a payout) & the fan translator partnership, it's much cheaper than doing it all themselves. People are crying about 2023 but if they had to do it all, some of these might not have happened at all. Also they can't give this news anywhere near a PC release of Disgaea 6 so you all have around a year or so to cool off.

    These games have been out & discounted multiple times up to this point, so if you actually planned on supporting them you should own the majority of games you wanted by now.

    Are the PC versions fundamentally worse than the console versions or something?
    If that's the case I can totally understand why you would be upset & I apologise for my ignorance.

    I'm personally going to start buying more games from them at full price, at least the more recent ones. I'll be getting Disgaea 6 & Poison Control next paycheck & AKIBA'S TRIP on release day, all of us should try to support the niche companies & games we care about. Spike Chunsoft, PQube, Xseed/ Marvelous, Idea Factory, etc. We scream for localizations & sequels & dual audio, etc. from these publishers & then when they give it to us, you wait for 3 years for the game to be $2 to pick it up. You nerds have been crying about Bustafellows for close to 3 years if you all can't get it in the top 20 for that month it's a serious problem!

    I'm not blaming anyone specifically & I'm not saying to treat all companies & games this way. I'm saying: "Sweet, I got Caligula or Somnium Files on sale & really liked them the sequels look good I should buy it at full price, a little closer to release date if possible". That's all. Rant over.

    Also If anyone can explain to me why they are upset about the price change rationally please I'd appreciate it.

  6. Azario, Tactics Ogre is a goddamn masterpiece and I still play it through every year or so. Have it digital, physical, and the ol' ps1 disc and, odd used bookstore find, a Japanese Saturn copy of the original. Just thought I'd nerd out a bit. XD

  7. 2 copies for me Collector's Edition for the Aiba figure & the eShop just because I don't want to put a cartridge in my Switch. Never thought I'd ever hear the words "Somnium Files" again, trying my best to make them not regret it.

  8. also the PSP versions of FF1 and 2 are the most complete/visual quality from all (FFIV is 50/50 because 3d vs sprite remake). I was expecting a port to Steam of those versions, so you can have the entire main saga on PC 🙁

  9. Manga shows are hard. Either you're going over the best selling manga, discussing the recent license acquisitions, or discussing the latest volumes you're reading which are inherent spoilers. Maybe discussing a niche vol.1 would be cool if it has at least a few volumes released. I hope it's something for me 🙏.

  10. 6:20 – Oh god, so kyuuuute.
    E'ry Noisy Pixel fan be playing their PSP/PS1 classics on the Vita for that twin stick action [ 3
    Also, PSP's WI-FI protocols have been unusably obsolete for over a decade…

  11. PLEASE EVERYONE SUPPORT Matsuyama-San and buy FUGA: MEMORIES OF STEEL!! cyberconnect2 is a great company and we should show our support around a new IP! Especially when they are taking risk to self-publish an original IP!!

  12. AI sequel is the best announcement of the week, I'm still so in love with the first one it's one of my fav games rn.
    Concerning the all-ages VN I don't mind, I only play for the story anyway and this way they may try to do "proper" all-ages games instead of just cutting content without caring if they do cut some story relevant parts too
    I'm actually still playing psp games but my psp overheats so fast that I can only play one hour max x,D on a similar note i was playing danganronpa 2 the last few days but my save file got corrupted and now I'm salty


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