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12 thoughts on “Not Fire Emblem. Dark Deity Hard Mode !giveaway”

  1. I somewhat Missed Most of The Stream But I Decided To Briefly Show Up For the First Time and Chat was Actually Really Nice so Imma Watch whatever Streams From You I can, I also Enjoy Your Content So That’s a Bonus, Reason Why I had to Leave was Because In My Timezone As soon as I Entered It was past 11 Pm And I Had School (Which is Today) S o I had to Leave The Stream, Despite Being There for a Short Time and it Being The First Stream I’ve Been In Chat for, You Literally Read My Message saying β€œThis Is My First Stream I’ve been to on This Channel” Within 30 Seconds (Yes that was Me) And I Was Shooketh :’) Ain’t Used to Being Particularly β€œNoticed” By Pretty Big YouTubers :’) Happened again 2 Times And I Looked Back On Stream So That I didn’t Miss what happened, Sorry that this Is a Long Comment about Complimenting You and Talking about when I showed up and all :’)


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