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Session 22: The Party meets with a dark deity known only as The Mother in an attempt to bargain for their traveling companion, Gregory, as well as to broker peace from the Werewolves…

Using the #Pathfinder 1E ruleset, join us for a long form #DnD #campaign that focuses on #roleplay , characterization, and interpersonal conflict as four characters with individual motivations set off on a journey that will alter the course of history

Matt as Duromak, the Half-Orc Warpriest of Abadar who has dedicated the rest of his life to hunting down a particular person…

Angel as Archimedes, the Android Artificer, an emotionally flat man who always seems to be reading, or taking notes

Trevor as Elear, the Half-Elf Psychic, who fell from the sky during the events of Freedom Day, and claims to be from another plane

Lee as Wilzu, the Halfling Investigator, finds himself on a journey with no destination and speaks with a slur due to an unfortunate past…

All players are longtime friends & in-character conflicts are just that, in character

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