[RANT] Dark Deity: A Strategy Game With No Strategy

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So this is my really crappy rant on why I don’t like Dark Deity. It’s filled with a great share of pointless filler, but hopefully it isn’t too miserable to sit through.

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2:49 Actual Argument

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13 thoughts on “[RANT] Dark Deity: A Strategy Game With No Strategy”

  1. Awakening has the same problem as Dark Deity. If you get some early level ups with Robin (the avatar) he/she can just steamroll the game in the same way.

    The way Nintendo tried to """fix""" it is to just delay the snowballing on higher difficulties by inflating the stats of the enemies to the point where the first 5 chapters are borderline unplayable.

  2. Such a big map yet if feels so Empty

    Enemies feel hollow and barely move. They only move if they are on the same room as one of your units?

    Just adding an enemy that works like Bolting mages or sleep staff could make this map much more difficult.

    Also do you regain movement when using doors?

    Bruh that's like infinite moves you can bring a flying unit from one side of the map to the other in 1 turn

  3. Then I guess I'm playing it wrong because I've had quite the opposite experience. On Dark Deity difficulty, alot of the enemies double and one round most of my characters while in return, it takes around 3 characters just to kill one enemy. But that was when the game first came out and I bought it. I recently got into it and found out they added a multitude of ways to customize the campaign difficulty from enemy aptitude and player alike as well as xp and gold earned.

  4. i hope the devs dont take all the negative reviews too harshly, but instead take them as advice. i think, for the most part, we keep saying these things because we really care, so id really like to see them rebalance and update their game moving forward.

  5. The way i see it is its awacking without all the things that would make awaking fun and i personally dont enjoy awacking outside of the first arc because i play it linearly its just not as fun kinda like this game because it has awackings system of charchters have no real caps that cause units to either snow ball out of controle or be useless heck even playing linerly their are still things like infite rescue or skill combos that make it fun these things can be more fun with grinding because you get access to more kids and other things but dark deity does not have really any of that your locked to 4 weapons' at a time skills are vary limited and maps are bland even more then awacking because at least awacking has side objectives in some maps and teriane. Basically this game needed more time in the oven i needed more things to do on the maps and more reason to build your characters up heck the support convos are pointless unless you really care about a character because they dont do anything. I hope the teem takes the falts of this game and improve apone them in their next because they had alot of good ideas the game just needed more in terms of primary game play.

  6. Thank you for the review. I remember when the game was in pre register and seeing ads about it before it out. I was considering getting it which is why I haven't seen any LP about it cause I wanna play it blind. I might still if I see it on sale though


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