SAMURAI SHADOWN II – gameplay de 8 minutos

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Shiro Tokisada Amakusa, cause of the calamities occurring worldwide and driven to resurrect the Dark Deity Ambrosia, was slain by a single samurai whose existence was never recorded by history. This person deeply involved with the resurrected Amakusa, Haohmaru, was suddenly attacked one night. However the one who was up easily defeated was not Haohmaru, but the sinister assailant… Haohmaru’s attacker was clearly manipulated by someone or some sort of evil force. The would-be assassin gasps a final promise to Haohmaru. “I’ll have your soul one day…. Ambrosia…lives.” The evil ones are after him! Haohmaru, sensing an evil force rivaling Amakusa, pays a visit on his old fencing master. While Haohmaru relates his story, his master’s visage grows unusually grim.

Classificação +12 Anos

– windows 7
– windows 7 64 bits
– windows 8
– windows 8 64 bits
– windows 10
– windows 10 64 bits
– windows 11 64 bits

Multi players 1 jogador

Requisitos mínimos para PC:
– Processador CPU superior a 2.4 GHz
– Memoria 2 GB
– Espaço em Disco 250 MB
– Placa de Video Intel HD Graphics or equivalent


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