Should You Buy Dark Deity? (What it does right & what needs some work) | First Impressions

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Dark Deity is an indie game that puts its own spin on the Fire Emblem tactical gameplay experience. The gameplay itself is solid, but there are some key features it does need as soon as possible. Giving my thoughts on the first 10 hours I’ve played so far.

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0:00 Intro
0:26 What Dark Deity does well
1:01 Advantage System – Damage & Armor
1:42 Class Customization & Weapons
3:39 Skills, Eternal Aspects, & Grave Wounds
4:50 Characters & Aesthetics
6:05 Amount of Game Content
6:43 What you should know before buying
7:38 What is lacking?
9:28 Closing Thoughts

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21 thoughts on “Should You Buy Dark Deity? (What it does right & what needs some work) | First Impressions”

  1. For those watching this at a later date it is entirely possible that some of my concerns about the game have been addressed. This is mainly for anyone who would like to purchase Dark Deity while it is still on sale for it's launch week. I really do enjoy the game so far, but there are definitely some things (like a suspend feature) that should be implemented.

  2. I love playing this game and I think I've reached 17 chapters or so. So far I have been enjoying this game very much. The in combat animation is always satisfying to look at, the character designs and voices are fantastic and the soundtrack is pretty great, too. The story is pretty alright, nothing too groundbreaking but it keeps you interested at least.

    It's impressive what a small team has created, even if it has some minor quality of life issues, I can live with it. The class systems are so much fun and you can come up with so many fun combinations. With so many characters to choose from, I definitely wanna try a randomizer run after the first one, with the recruitment order and the enemies being random, because I feel like every character has so much potential. Also, the aspect items get better later on and some characters can become insanely strong and fun to play with.

    I have big hopes for this game and it's definitely something I'd recommend to any Fire Emblem fan.

  3. My biggest gripe is how the trailers before E3 had some glaring issues in presentation that I barely wanted to look at this game until E3 came and went.

    I am trying to get over those first impressions at some point, because videos like these do get me to be more and more interested in the game.

  4. Most of the character designs are bland to bad, with few exceptions, the main offender being the Main Protagonist who has the most bland and boring design possible, I've found about 4-5 character designs which are actually good, the in combat animations while smooth, look in an uncanny pixel art area of both too simple and too detailed in certain places, mostly with proportions, mages always feel to bulky since I haven't met a mage with the build the combat animations imply, but given the dev team I'm not too fussed since I have them off just to speed up the gameplay a bit more, I would like the option to have little animations if you have full battle animations turned off, just to see how much damage is being dealt instead of it just being instant.

    Voice acting is pretty good, with the little bits you can hear, and the dialogue and items have got some internet style humour and references, which is a pro or a con depending on the person, I don't mind them but they do sometimes feel a bit too blatant.

    I don't particularly enjoy the way the voice acting is implemented, mainly because i find it a little distracting in conversations, but you can turn voices down, but then you miss out on them during gameplay, so.

    I still recommend it as there is a lot of potential.

  5. I've played about 15 chapters in Deity mode, and I think the biggest thing its got going for it is the fact that it can be updated. The dev is super active on social media and has addressed criticism, bugs, and other such things very quickly. I do think the game SHOULD have been early access rather than full release, but it's too late now.

    Overall, the story's pacing is bad (but it's not like most FE games are much better) with just os much shit happening that it's near impossible to care about anything happening onscreen, the characters range from boring to decent, the combat is fun but generally a little too easy, the lack of tutorials is annoying as hell, the music doesn't loop properly, and the UX is pretty bad. HOWEVER all of these things can be fixed.

    As of right now, I don't think Dark Deity is worth the money. Give it some time, though, and it could definitely stand strong on its own.

    PS: I'm looking forward to the mods for this game, hopefully steam workshop comes out with some good stuff

  6. Damn that Lucky Crit for killing my units at the end of the chapter!!! Any i concur with your points and your criticisms, another addition I would suggest is the ui looks very simple and just adding some embellishing sounds or visuals would go a long way for polish. Also I haven't had any difficulties with dualshock controller support. I mean there may be a few things I cant do, but since I cant remember them it must not be too imperative

  7. Hmm kinda gives me Langrisser vibes with how huge the maps are, enemy density, and the general aesthetic. I’ll keep it on my radar but I will hold off on playing it for now.

  8. Gameplay sounds neat, but the Map-Looks feel oddly… Cheap.
    I get it, it's no AAA release, but you have such good sprite Art and Animations, only to suffer to see the overall map visual. Slight adjustments could help already, like a faint border at the edges of the enemy range tiles.


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