"The Cliffs of INSANITY!!! …and free exp!" Let's Play: Dark Deity XIX (Hero Mode)

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Pre-Battle Story I: 0:17
Bonds: 4:47
Pre-Battle Story II: 8:21
Battle Prep: 12:46
“Battle:” 27:27
Post-Battle Story: 1:38:11

Well, not exactly. This place is more akin to the Tower of Babble. Unlike the last map, this one is actually really fun!

Like the second map in the Tower of Guidance in FE: Radiant Dawn, Irving is separated from the rest of the party and locked in a “duel” with Akmenos, though he’s more like an exp punching bag than a boss. This probably isn’t the last we’ve seen of him, though.

Lame boss “fight” aside, hoards of zombies charge the rest of your party and we get to mass4cre…most of them. Each one you slay damages Akmenos, so you basically have to decide whether you want massive exp boosts for Irving or to allow the rest of your team to beat on the undead.

Now that I’ve given you a protip for this map, let’s play Dark Deity!

Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1374840/Dark_Deity/#:~:text=Save%2020%25%20on%20Dark%20Deity%20on%20Steam&text=Command%20legendary%20heroes%20to%20reshape,their%20way%20to%20become%20legends.

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