The Next Indie Fire Emblem?! -💎Dark Deity Showcase ft. Game Director Chip Moore!

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I recently had the chance to meet with Chip Moore, the director of Dark Deity, where we discussed the game a bit before release! This demo was honestly a fun experience, largely because Chip himself was a super chill guy I could meme around with, haha.

This actually isn’t the first time I’ve had the opportunity to cover a game before release, but other cases were things I couldn’t really see myself covering on the channel (or just sketchy…). With Dark Deity however, anybody that’s seen any of the hundreds of Fire Emblem videos on this channel knows this is definitely my kind of game, so I wound up following up, discussing some things, one thing led to another and I got to meet with Chip for a demo. I very much got the impression that this was a game he developed to make the kind of game he wanted to play, something maybe not seen as much in the industry nowadays.
When I was first reached out to about potentially covering the game before release my response was basically a “hmm, I’ll think about it…” But after meeting with Chip for a nice chill session here, I’ll admit his passion really resonated with me, and I thought it was pretty inspiring to see an economics major pursue his first ever video game and have it lead to what it is today, and have built up a community of people excited to see how it turns out. I look forward to covering it on the channel (and maybe finding ways to break it before full release like that OP build Chip told me exists somewhere in here, or discover my own craziness…). I may be pretty new to the Dark Deity scene myself, but honestly I do hope to see this game do well for itself and wish all the best to Chip and his team!

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Game: Dark Deity
Platform: PC (Steam)
Released: June 15, 2021
Developer: Sword & Axe LLC
Publisher: Freedom Games

(the idea that I can in theory randomly DM the director of this game with some random Fire Emblem meme and he’ll probably get it cracks me up…)

Also ima say right now, mark my words Chip, I’m going to find some way to break your game in two just you wait and see


5 thoughts on “The Next Indie Fire Emblem?! -💎Dark Deity Showcase ft. Game Director Chip Moore!”

  1. I'm now typing this after my first stream of the game, which went on for a surprising 7 hours lul. I decided to play on Deity difficulty because anybody familiar with the Fire Emblem stuff I've done on this channel knows that's exactly what I'd do. I've honestly had a lot of fun so far, and the playthrough can be found in the description below! Mark my words ima figure out how to break dis game in half.

  2. Bow users are very good in fates though even without close counters…

    And will there be global ranges? I don't see any in this playthrough?

    And I think there should be a mode that bring permadeath… Ironman run is still an interesting run to do. Please bring back that mode otherwise that's not ironman anymore. And there's a casual mode where everyone come back after death… But is just mindset of the people who treats playing classic thinks is the classic way to play.

    And regarding the artstyle, I don't think it will attract many people for this artstyle but I know is hard for indie studio to have an advantage on this same goes for music and sound effects so I can't talk too much on this.

    So my thought on this will probably be "Not a Potential game changer, but definitely an interesting add on to the FE series"

  3. With all this talk about engines for srpg games you should check out srpg studio, it's an amazingly powerful engine and has a strong community and huge asset library including plugins


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