"What's behind door number five? …Bad guys, of course." Let's Play: Dark Deity XX (Hero Mode)

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Pre-Battle Story I: 0:12
Bonds: 3:44
Pre-Battle Story II: 17:17
Battle Prep: 21:21
Battle: 28:22
Post-Battle Story: 2:08:20

King Varic retook Redhill from the Aramorans and built this big tower during that time frame too…somehow. Whatever, we get to storm it and despite what the mission text says, we can sl4ughter everyone for lots of loot and exp! So, let’s play Dark Deity!

PS: I think I forgot to move my mic close enough to my face during the battle, so you lose the benefit of listening to the soothing sounds of my voice. I know, you’re crushed.

Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1374840/Dark_Deity/#:~:text=Save%2020%25%20on%20Dark%20Deity%20on%20Steam&text=Command%20legendary%20heroes%20to%20reshape,their%20way%20to%20become%20legends.

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