"All full of sound and fury" Let's Play: Dark Deity XXV (Hero Mode)

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Pre-Battle Story I: 0:13
Bonds: 2:23
Pre-Battle Story II: 6:49
Battle Prep: 10:00
Battle: 14:43
Post-Battle Story: 1:32:54

Akmenos Round 2! …Except, he’s still a poncy chump who expects his minions to all the all the heavy lifting while he just stands around and looks scary. All thunder, no lightning. At least this background looks cool.

Still, this time his goons actually were a threat, especially those damn zombie horsemen and the evil clerics. As much as I would’ve liked to farm the exp from the respawns, my tactics this time sucked and my party got backed into a corner. So, I just k1illed most of the ones carrying items and finished the map. Let’s play Dark Deity!
Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/13….

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