An Adventure in Terrazael! | Dark Deity – Chapter 1

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I’ll learn the controls at some point. Hopefully.

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4 thoughts on “An Adventure in Terrazael! | Dark Deity – Chapter 1”

  1. It's nice to see you back! This game has a few quirks to it, so I thought I'd let you know beforehand. First of all, there is an advantage system, but the game doesn't tell you anything straight up, you'll have to go into the menu to see all the mechanics explained. In addition, although the devs are working on it, the game has a LOT of technical issues still, including random crashes, so watch out for those. In addition, the gameplay here is largely based off awakening, however there is no defensive terrain or the like, so if you like awakening's gameplay you'll like this game. Though, much like awakening, it's really easily broken.
    The game also is very unclear with its objectives a lot of the time, so watch out for this. As an example, there are two "escape" maps in this game, but both of them function differently despite there being no sign that they do.
    The game does have controller support, which was broken at launch, but afaik it's been fixed in a patch, so you can do that if it feels more comfortable.
    As far as seeing you play more of the game, I think you should decide based on how you feel. In my opinion, the early part of the game is alright, but past chapter 4 the gameplay starts to get really boring. But just thought I'd let you know about all this before you go further!

  2. I think I remember seeing this game on FEE3. If my memory is right, its developed by a modder.

    For – likely short for Fortitude. If that guess is right,, it akes sense that its defensive stat.

    Mas – I agree with your guess.

    I would bet a units Mastery stat is added to your ATK when you use effective weapons, armorslayers, horseslayers etc. The description sounds like it effects other states of advantage too. I wouldn't be surprised if skills that scaled off Mastery or worked off of difference in Mastery come player later in the game.

    I like the idea a LOT and I really wanna see where they take it.


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