Dark Deity – P1 The Academy Join the War (Pc)

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Just a comfy playthrough of the game doing all the stage/chapters of it. With timestamps to find any stage super fast, and a proper strategy to clean them without much problems (not perfect cause its blind playthrough), hope you like it.

0:00 Prologue & Chapter 1 Journey Afoot
13:50 Chapter 2 Desperate Defense
33:45 Chapter 3 Springing the Trap
1:04:00 Chapter 4 Treasure Unknown
1:45:20 Chapter 5 Arisen
2:24:40 Chapter 6 Iron Worth Striking
2:57:20 Chapter 7 Out of the Pan
3:38:40 Chapter 8 Into the Fire


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  1. The other day was the announce of Dark Deity 2, and cause i never play this one, i think its a good moment to do it, cause i love games like Fire Emblem xD So hope you all like it, have a great day ^^


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