Five Hours In, Dark Deity is Just Pretty Alright

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Old school Fire Emblem has a very specific rhythm to it. It’s a rhythm that even its own franchise has largely evolved beyond, but as Dark Deity shows, it’s still a formula that can work and be entertaining. Unfortunately, Dark Deity pushes itself a little too far and sometimes confuses complexity for depth, bogging down an otherwise entertaining game. Overall, it’s just kind of ok, but in such an underserved sub-sub-genre, even ok can sometimes be good enough.


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5 thoughts on “Five Hours In, Dark Deity is Just Pretty Alright”

  1. isn't that funny, i just put this game on my wishlist. i was like "these fire emblem fan games always put way too much nitty gritty in them, i dunno if i want this" and lo and behold alex coming in and confirming things for me. still, i respect the effort put in. i do have some questions, if you're willing to answer them:

    1. can you save whenever you want? that helps with the long missions
    2. is weapon durability a thing? i couldn't quite tell from the video
    3. archers are terrible in 99% of fire emblem games. that the case here?

  2. This is a great video, and has given me some great insight about this game!! It's been on my wishlist ever since I saw the creator talking about it on tiktok. Been pretty skeptical but interested, so thanks!!

    By the way, this is the first video I've watched of yours since your submission on Rabuzten's stream. I can tell you've gotten even better since then. Keep up the good work!!


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