How to Load a Horse | Dropped Frames Episode 281

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We’re back with a very “normal” episode and teach you how to load a horse properly. Twitch has new follower & animated emotes. The pros/cons of the recent Twitch x Final Fantasy XIV collab event, Magic Legends shutting down before releasing. EFT has a new patch and wipe, Zeke has played a ton of great indie games, Cohh has played SCARLET NEXUS, and JP is back into Fire Emblem.

0:00 – Introduction
9:00 – New Follower & Animated Emotes on Twitch
17:40 – Twitch x Final Fantasy XIV sub collaboration
31:27 – Magic Legends shuts down before launch
37:35 – Todd Howard on Indiana Jones & The Elder Scrolls 6
43:15 – CDPR says that Cyberpunk 2077 is now at a “satisfactory” level
47:12 – Sony acquires Housemarque & probably Bluepoint
49:55 – Zeke is playing Returnal
58:29 – WoW vs. FFXIV & Cohh joins FFXIV
1:09:05 – XCloud beta
1:13:35 – Escape From Tarkov – new patch
1:20:40 – Getting good at Guilty Gear -Strive-
1:22:24 – Mario Golf
1:27:55 – Roguebook
1:35:00 – Dark Deity
1:39:00 – Safecracker Simulator
1:47:00 – Totally Normal Journey
2:02:45 – Until We Die
2:06:23 – Wildermyth
2:09:45 – Zeke finished Astro’s Playroom
2:15:00 – JP has returned to Fire Emblem: Three Houses
2:23:40 – Shoutouts

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29 thoughts on “How to Load a Horse | Dropped Frames Episode 281”

  1. Magic Legends needed customized skills instead of the random stuff. Better loot. Also, about another year if development time.
    Also I wonder if Hasbro had anything to do with this? They are quick to cut out failing projects and employees. Even though they are getting great profits.

  2. No prize pools or having to pay pros for competitive comp in magic the gathering? LMAOOOOOOOOOO, Well, guess there goes magic the gathering now. why would anyone play comp if they're not getting paid for it now?

  3. That's how ESO was. it was really shit when it launched but now its just as popular as FF14 but, Cohh won't ever play ESO because he cries about it not being a "real" elder scrolls game. lol, wtf that means. maybe if he actually played it he would know its just as much elder scrolls game as Skyrim or oblivion is.

  4. Cohhs issue with scarlet is more of he likes the battles and gameplay but HATES the story parts. he said the same thing in persona 5. same with zeke in p5. It's like why bother even being a gamer? lol

  5. My largest worry with a scrolls 6 would be the release state – every one of their morrowind releases have relied on the mod community to make them functional before actual convenience or cosmetic mods even enter the picture. "unofficial patches" etc. I'm old enough now that I want to have a vanilla experience that isn't a buggy mess requiring me to hit mod sites because they're STILL USING a 20 year old engine.

  6. Until We Die rminds me of an old browser/free downloadable game (not The Last Stand) but I can't find/remember it now. Maybe with "days" or something in the name, you have to survive x number of nights for a helicopter to come, it was actually quite good… EDIT: HA! It was Deadly 30! I should play it again x)

  7. I wish I could have the time to dedicate to Tarkov. Ive played about 20 hours and realized its gonna take as much time as POE to even scratch the surface of understanding. I want to play it so bad

  8. Country boy, here. Had fun loading plenty of difficult loaders. If you have a good relationship, the best way is to walk into the trailer and exit a front hatch or door. As long as they can see that there is way out, they're generally much easier to convince. Some actually like to be blindfolded, but I've seen too many of those freak out when things get moving.

    Personally, I would never use a trailer that had no way for me to get in and out the front if the need arises.

  9. Iin the FFXIV cross over it's about ACT and the vibe they want for thier community. They curated thier list and the curate thier game. I general don't like apple, but FFXIV uses the apple model. They have cultivated thier community and the narrative around the game.

    There is a reason it is taboo to shame players about thier DPS and why the community is so loving. That came from FFxiv doing stuff like this where they hand pick the voices they want to elavate.

    I think is a philosophy of making the game better. If the philosophy was instead to make thier twitch presence bigger this event would have been more like you three said, but that is not what square wants.

    I am kind of on FFxiv side because I love the community they have made in this game.

  10. Can anyone clarify for me.

    I thought that Final Fantasy goal for Cohh's birthday stream wasn't met. Did he decide to do it anyway because of how much of a massive success it was?


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