I +10 Dr. Sakura and Elise and got MAXIMUM BRAIN DAMAGE – Fire Emblem Heroes

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I think I will call this horrifying fusion of Dr. Sakura and Elise as DARK DEITY SALISE

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10 thoughts on “I +10 Dr. Sakura and Elise and got MAXIMUM BRAIN DAMAGE – Fire Emblem Heroes”

  1. Yah I came up with DARK DEITY SALISE while I am stuffing my face at lunch, at the time my brain was so damaged I couldn't think of a stupid name for these two together.
    I know there's a game called Dark Deity but Civilization V has been a thing since before that exists, and Deity is a harder difficulty than Emperor, so it is what it is!

    I knew u were gonna +10 they're one of ur favorite and really strong and are a staff unit! 👀💖
    Also Elise Sakura is canon now said by feh itself lol
    They were definitely my top most wanted duo and I'm so happy they became real they're so evill and cute!


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