Looks Like a Fresh Game Boy Advance Fire Emblem! | Dark Deity | PC | 2021 |

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Welcome to the stream! Kick back, relax, and I hope you enjoy!

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~Stream Rules!~
1: No swearing or overly adult subjects, please! There are better ways to express ourselves, and some topics we just don’t want to hear about. xD
(Yes, sometimes the games we play are more mature, but this rule stands!)
2: No spamming text or emojis.
3: Don’t ask to be made into a mod. The mod team and I have a system in place to promote new people; your best bet is to be here regularly and be a positive person in chat.
4: No self-promo in the chat, please.
5: Be respectful to each other. Bullying, harassment and bad sportsmanship will *not* be tolerated.
6: No politics or religion, please. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and belief, but this is not the place to discuss it.
7: Please do not roleplay in chat. Describing yourself doing something here and there is fine, but hosting your own roleplay session in the middle of stream chat is disruptive and rude to others.
8: Please, no spoilers. Let me (Matt) figure things out for myself. If I get stuck, I’ll ask the chat for help! 😉

We have ranks! The longer you hang out with us, the more monstrous you become – and you unlock unique commands to use on stream! (Our full command list is available on our Discord. It’s too long for our description. Sorry for the inconvenience!)

~Monster Ranks~
Hatchling (1 Hour)

Adolescent (24 Hours)
– New command: !voiceask – You may request a voice for a character’s dialogue for a bit (basically until I stop finding it fun to do. xD). I won’t be able to do *every* voice, but I’ll give it a shot.
– New commands: !flip and !fix. For tossing (and then replacing) tables.
– New SFX Command: !roar. All monsters can roar!
– New mini-game: !foodfight

Full Grown (50 Hours)
– New SFX command(s): !banana, !believe, !boss, !fail, !hey, !hiya, !loot, !gg, !nope, !punch, !wrong

Attic Dweller (100 Hours)
– New SFX command(s): !boot, !box, !deny, !laughevil, !longno, !lose, !noprep, !power, !rage, !rock, !smug, !speed, !ugh, !vader

Under the Bed (250 Hours)
– New command: !snackmerch. Costs 500,000 Snacks – but I’ll DM you a 10% discount code for our Monstrous Merch on Teespring!
– New SFX command(s): !gadget

Building Smasher (500 Hours)
– A personalized greeting command for you to use!


Disclaimer: This channel is intended for a General Audience. I play video games that are Rated E for Everyone through to M for Mature. I keep a cursing-free policy for myself and my chat, but subjects unsuitable for young children may sometimes be discussed.

~Art and Music Credits~
“Snarfles” the Mini-Monster made by the amazing Amy/Guineasquig!
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcBoQhK6MyJzB1U3tR0CybQ
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Guineasquig
Tumblr: https://guineasquig.tumblr.com/

“Stream Starting Soon”, “Stream Over”, “Stream BRB”, and “Cocoa Break” screens all made by Saxix
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Saxix7

Intro and Outro Music kindly provided by Scruffshroom, please check him out!
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