MK404 Plays Dark Deity PT1 – No Frills Emblem[Ch. 1-5]

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Recorded on July 11, 2022
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My first time covering an indie title! Behold Dark Deity, a game that began life as a small project essentially as another take on the Fire Emblem formula and very much a direct competitor in its core design. ‘Twas given a Kickstarter and released last year on Steam and later on the Switch. Notable for its use of spriting talent from the FE ROM hacking community, which a handful of names I know worked on this.

Reception was… a bit mixed. General casual consensus on Steam seem to like it just fine despite its rougher state than most. Others, such as the FE ROM hacking community, completely turned their noses up on it for a variety of reasons. Myself, I was interested for a while until I heard the discourse on the FE Universe forums which I frequent and it dipped a fraction. Mel had played a little bit and she liked what she played but knew the game had some issues and was willing to cut them some slack since, you know, first time indie dev at work here.

I had finally watched a playthrough some months back to come to my own conclusions. It’s… yeah, it’s a little rough and it won’t be for everyone especially if you’re looking for an FE-like experience with a bit more meat on its bones. This game is very simple. A bit… too simple at times, but there’s still some charm to be had yet.

Typical FE storytime here – the continent of Etlan is now seeing war and some young cadets are about to pass their military training. Irving and his homies get to strut their stuff before being conscripted to the war effort by their king and eventually made to go find the Infinity Stones before the first four hours are up. No, I’m not kidding.

This game goes fast and loose with its story, but stick around! You might like Cia’s smile!



0:00 – Introduction
8:30 – Chapter 1
41:00 – Chapter 2
1:09:20 – Chapter 3
1:48:02 – Chapter 4
3:02:32 – Chapter 5


4 thoughts on “MK404 Plays Dark Deity PT1 – No Frills Emblem[Ch. 1-5]”

  1. alden was my driving reason to get through this game. boy only gets bigger, better, brighter. i took him magician route for phase-fun. raider brooke is the only truth, and i will not hear differently.

    i hoped to like this game. i…did not. fun parts, but the meh, with the occasional bad, outweighed the fun. excited for more of your thoughts, though.


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